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Business philosophy:

People-oriented, technological innovation, excellent quality, service class, create value for customers!


"Spirit of responsibility", "innovative", "professionalism" "team spirit" "the spirit of customer service is always" the company's core values: in the field of electrical technology uninterrupted through the hard work never achieve the customer, companies and employees dream each other into a covenant that we share the dignity and self-realization.

Staff training guide:
1), on the matter, clearly, Nissin thinking, thinking of day and day high, never satisfied.
2), fully discussed, subject to the collective, reservations, and resolutely implement, obey their superiors, never complain!
3), careful, cautious, persistent, and efficient.
4), take responsibility, always sincere.
5), real-time communication, clear expression, mutual understanding, mutual understanding and mutual cooperation. 

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